Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homeschool Schedules

Homeschool're joking, right?  I will say that the best part of our lives as homeschoolers is that we get to create our lives rather than bouncing around according to what other people want us to do.  With that said, one of the things that I had to purchase for myself at the start of this term is a desk calendar with lots of space to write.  I don't have a desk to put it on, but it stays near me and my laptop.  Keep reading to find out why I need such a calendar.

1.  I started up The Sparklers Baton Twirling Corps, which is actually a business that I moved from my home town to my new town.  Incidentally, we have been living here for about 3 years, but there were things that kept me from reigniting my business such as illness, lack of funds, lack of transportation and the birth of a new princess.  The Sparklers meet for two hours, two days a week, and more if necessary.

2.I joined the Chamber of Commerce and we now get invited to do all kinds of community performances.

3. I joined our local homeschool group, and pledged to help the leader and coordinate educational projects.
4. Along the lines of number 3, I started a Girl Scout troop for homeschoolers.  
5. During the summer, I was offered a job with the school to teach their baton twirling team in preparation for marching contest.   This involves practice every morning for an hour and then an additional 2 hours on Tuesday night, which happens immediately after Tuesday's practice with The Sparklers.  Can you say RUN???
6. THEN, our local art association had their first meeting for the year.  I am now the President and Melody is the secretary. This is not because we are awesome or anything like that, but because nobody else wanted the positions and somebody has to do them to keep the group alive.  Holy Cow!  I am only afraid that they will kick me out in the end for my ADHD like qualities which could cause their schedules to begin to mimic my own. 

Looking through the above list, my head is swimming with ideas of how to coordinate projects that include all of these groups at once.  Twirlers are girls that could become girl scouts that could enjoy art if it was presented to them in such a way.......hmmm.......GET BACK TO THE BLOG, LAUREL!  Wait a minute.......homeschoolers like art, which could become a series of educational projects that the Girl Scouts could help with, that the twirlers could perform to if I found some cool music, that the art association members would think was awesome if it was fun and could be a part of one of their regular meetings, during a holiday season filled with treats and ornaments......and......Santa is coming in 3 months, and the princesses want to all dress like fairies for Halloween and the answer to the math problem is ABCDEFGHIJK.....where's Ivana's binky???? LOL!  Don't freak out by my rambling.  It's all perfectly normal.

Happy Homeschooling!

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