Sunday, August 12, 2012

A New Kind of Homeschool Year

This year, I will homeschool my family, and also work for the local public school.  There are those adult persons who think that this is a completely messed up situation.  Why would I deny my children the chance to attend the school where I will be working part time?  Hmmm........anyway......onward to our new schedule.

This is going to be a fresh, brand new school year, starting about August the 27th.  I have a box full of books that Abbey will need to read for the entire year.  I also included notebook paper, spirals, and pencils in this box so that she won't have to waste time hunting for these items.

To Map Out a Course of Action.....

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quote really speaks to me, because my life has become like a hurricane for the past couple of weeks.  Most of what is going on in my life is wonderful, but there always has to be something or someone to try to throw a monkey wrench into things to shake it up.  I have learned over the years that the perpetrator is most often somebody that I love very much.  Maybe the explanation for this is that if I didn't love and care about the saboteur, then I wouldn't  be at all concerned about what he or she throws my way. 

Be that as it may, I can look back on my life and see how just about every great and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, has been the end result of a lot of sweat, tears, and misunderstandings.  Good things don't normally come easy, and I always tell the Four Princesses that anything worth doing is going to be hard. 

Homeschooling is hard.  So is starting and maintaining one's own business.  Choosing to leave the workforce to stay at home, homeschool, and attempt to start a business is and has been an amazing test of courage and faith.  It takes a set of broad shoulders to be able to smile among critics and act like you don't hear or don't feel pain because of the things that they say.  It takes even more courage to turn the other cheek, but there are too many things for a homeschooling mama to do, to have time to entertain the naysayers.

The point is that there are a lot of new homeschooling families in my community.  They are embarking on an amazing experience.  Each family's reason for homeschooling is as different as the children that they will teach.  The first year of homeschooling can be very trying, and many families don't make it to the second year.  I personally think that it does a child a great disservice to waffle between schooling situations, so the King and I determined together that once we removed our first grader from school, that it would be the end of schooling for her as she knew it.   That was nearly 12 years ago.  In 12 years, you can bet that we have had our share of challenges, but still manage to get up every morning and start each day brand new.

Have a Great Day!

Friday, August 3, 2012

20 Questions

My friend, whose blog about her and her four princes can be found HERE.  She posted these 20 questions on her blog, and so now I'm going to attempt to answer them on mine.  I love these kinds of games, by the way, so feel free to tag me for any of your own.
1.  What color is your toothbrush 


2.  What is the best ice cream flavor? 

Rocky Road, but I don't get to have any until someone comes up with a sugar free variety.

3.  Have you ever made a promise you'd die to keep? 

I would die for my children and my husband who is the father of all of my children. 

4.  Do you take vitamins daily? 

Not unless you count my Spark energy drinks that I've been drinking.

 5. Do you go to church every sunday? 

Not every Sunday.

 6. Do you have a tan? 

I'm slightly tan to begin with, and then I teach twirling lessons outside, so I just go with the flow and don't worry about sunscreen or any of that.


 7. When did you last talk on the phone?
The local band director called me a few minutes ago to tell me about our summer band schedule.  I'M SO EXCITED TO BE THE NEW TWIRLING INSTRUCTOR!!!!!  WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Ok....let me recompose myself.

8.Where is your dad? 
I called my grandfather, Dad, because he raised me.  He passed on about 3 years ago.
9. Look to your left, what do you see?

There is my headboard.  On it sits a can of powdered baby formula, a spiral notebook, and a framed picture that Tarja colored for her daddy for Christmas.

10. What do you think of when you hear "Australia"?

This is not very creative, but I honestly picture kangaroos when I think of Australia.

11. What are your plans for this weekend?

I actually have no plans for this weekend.  Crazy, huh?

12. Can you say the alphabet backwards?

I might be able to say the alphabet backwards.
13. Do you have a maid service clean your house? 
No, but someday I will.

14. Do you use the word 'hello' daily?

I'm pretty sure that I do.
15.  Name something that has made you angry.
I don't feel angry, but I am hurting over some things.  I'll get over it, though. 

16.  Do you like cats?

I love cats.  They are soft and beautiful, but I can't stand having them in my house.

17. Last CD played?

Melody and I listened to One Direction this morning while we she practiced driving.

18. Have you ever dated someone twice?

Back in high school, I dated one person twice, which was a mistake.  I ran into the future king right after that.
19. Do you want to change your name?

I can't think of anything better than the name that I already have.

20. Last interesting thing you read?

I'm reading a Beverly Lewis book that Melody gave me for Mother's Day.