Saturday, October 29, 2011

The king didn't get any sleep last night, due to being on call for his job.  Therefore, we started our morning off at the Sands Art Festival.  I talked with two of the ladies about how we, as a family, could join their organization, and not only did they invite us to the next meeting, but took us around and introduced us to some of the members.  I can't wait for our first meeting with those wonderful ladies.  The best part of the show is that I ran into my very own Kindergarten teacher from the town where we lived until about two years ago.  She was selling some gorgeous jewelry that made.  Princess Abbey got a very pretty necklace/earring set, and gave the earrings to Princess Melody.  I also bought a book called Coyote Tales from illustrator, Jackie Gulledge Zweiger, and she autographed it for us.

After the show, we went to McDonalds for lunch, and let Princess Tarja play in the play place for quite a long time so that the king could have an undisturbed nap.  After we made our way home and deposited Princess Melody and Princess Tarja, Princess Abbey accompanied me to the library's Fall book sale, where they were selling lots of books for only 10 cents each.  We found a few good looking reads, then went home and looked up how to make God's eyes online.  Abbey made a really large one with wire cut from a coat hanger, I made two out of twigs from outside, and helped Tarja make one out of two very small twigs.  They are now hanging on my living room wall. 

While we made the God's eyes, Princess Melody literally painted a painting right onto a denim skirt.  It is truly amazing, and I wish that I was thin enough to wear it.  Oh well!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fourth Princess

Yesterday, as a family, we finally agreed upon the name of the fourth princess. Princess Ivana, whose name means, "God is gracious" is due January 30th.  If history repeats itself, then I will have labor induced in about 10 more weeks.  If not, then we will patiently wait for her arrival. 

A cold front is blowing into West Texas.  Keep in mind that anything that happens in our area, travels via high, dry, winds.  I have been diligently crocheting my new sweater, and only lack one more sleeve before I get to put it together and add the trim.  I would normally want a black or gray sweater so that it can go with anything, but this year, I am being adventurous with a blue striped pattern.  If I make myself another one, it will be black so that I can wear some bright red, Christmasy stuff with it.  Of course, the real object of the game is t sure to make sure that it will cover my big mama tummy right now, but still fit decently after Princess Ivana's arrival.  If not, then I guess one of my friends will be blessed with an almost new sweater.

Princess Tarja started acting devilish today, so I determined that maybe she would behave a lot better if she were kept busy.  I decided that a simple craft project was in order.  We got out some pink and white yarn, and proceeded to make pom poms to tie around her ponytails.  This went very well.  She wrapped the yarn around and around a book, and after she had wrapped enough, I did the cutting and the tying.  Well....our fun ended when she got her quick little finger in the way of my scissors and I nicked her fingertip to both of our surprise.  I called the king, who decreed that I should not wait for him to come and give his opinion, but to go ahead and run her to the clinic.  Keep in mind that she was bleeding profusely, and I couldn't tell if I had cut off the end of her finger or what.  Thankfully, by the time we got to see the doctor, the bleeding had stopped and he could tell that it was just a tiny nick that only needed a Snoopy band aid and a kiss.  She seems to have forgiven me.  Children are good like that. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pssst......Heads up!

I have been a member of Pssst..., which is a pretty neat way to get to preview some General Mills products.  For our homeschooling, couponing, breakfasting pleasure, they are going to start having comic books in specially marked packages of cereal.  I'm sure that this will be loved around my house.

The new princesses is 27 weeks along as of today.

A dear friend and fellow homeschooler recently blessed us with a large container of colloidal silver that she made herself.  WOW!  It is currently clearing up a bad case of acne, and my hair looks like it has been colored, because there are fewer and fewer grays, and the condition of it is unbelievable.  Princess Abbey had a bad cough a few days ago, and because she has asthma, her coughs normally last all Fall and Winter.  After a couple of doses of colloidal silver, she is no longer coughing.  Princess Melody will get to have some when she gets back from the orthodontist today.  All of these benefits have been enjoyed in less than a week.

On the homeschooling front, we have been using Grandma Moses for our artist study for this term, and Beethoveen for our composer study.  Grandma Moses is kind of refreshing after all of the heavy duty stuff that we have explored during the first term of this year.  We also read a biography of Galileo, part of Tales from Shakespeare (which we will continue, but the library would only recheck it to us so many times), and are now exploring Archimedes.  Princess Melody is in the middle of her first college English course, and our parent taught driver's education course at the same time.   I don't know about her, but I definitely feel challenged.

Since my last post, I have added crochet ruffles to baby and toddler socks, and have made sweaters for Princess Melody and the baby.  I am currently working on a sweater for myself, and have been clipping coupons like a crazy woman.  Friends have been giving me lots of coupons for diapers and other goodies.  I even found a couple of coupons for drop ins liners, which are one of my favorite must have baby items.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our fourth princess is coming along nicely.  We haven't agreed on her name just yet, but she is growing well and is about 25 weeks along at the time of this writing.

Princess Tarja had a nasty bout of croup during the past two weeks.  Last night was the first night that we felt confident enough to let her have her evening park time again.  She was ecstatic.

I have been crocheting up a storm, thanks to a friend who blessed me with lots and lots.........I mean LOTTTTSSSS of yarn.  A lot of the yarn is baby yarn, and crochet thread, which will enable me to make a lot of nice goodies  So far, I have made a little pink sweater for the newbie, a green striped sweater for Princess Melody a pair of very frilly socks for the newbie, and am almost finished with an equally frilly pair for Princess Tarja.  Princess Abbey has not been forgotten, she just hasn't put in a request yet for what she would like, but I'm sure that there is a sweater in her future.

Along those lines, I have a few things posted on Etsy.  The pictures are on the right hand side of this page.  There are more items coming very soon.