Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Ask Me if I'm BUSY

I haven't been able to update my blog in quite a long time, and you are about to find out why. 

For starters, I would like to share something that I have always found to be humorous.  All of my friends, ESPECIALLY really good, caring, considerate friends, will call and start off the conversation with, "Are you busy?"  Umm....

I'm not quite sure to how answer that question.  I AM busy.  I can't think of any time that I'm NOT busy, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to talk to you!!!!  I would love to talk to a good friend now and then, even if I can only stay on the phone for a short time.  In fact, I have grown to prefer texting, because I can text a friend, no matter how loud or chaotic my household is, because sometimes it's hard to hear or be heard with all of the background noise.  IF you really need me for something, I will try to help.  It doesn't matter how busy I am.  I know that I don't get to just "hang out" much or go places that aren't planned way in advance, but I will try to figure out how to give you a ride somewhere, or run an errand for you or whatever else it is that you need, because I love you. 

Now that we understand each other, I will give a not so brief rundown of what I have NOT been blogging about for the past month or so.

1.  We got to go to the Dinosaur George exhibit that came to town.  I posted a video of that on my YOUTUBE channel.

2.  My baton twirling class, The Sparklers, got to perform at the West Texas Drillers halftime. 

3.  Tarja is playing tee ball.

4.  Abbey is playing softball.

5.  Abbey has been working as a mother's helper.

6.  We had a Girl Scout bridging ceremony, and Abbey bridged to Senior Girl Scouts.

7.  My Girl Scout unit is planning a Mom and Me tea party and a day camp.

8.  I am doing, Avon, ACE, teaching twirling class AND private lessons, and am doing custom crochet orders.

9.  Abbey is volunteering at the local animal shelter.

10.  Melody was on the hunt for a new job, and FOUND one, as you will read in my previous post.

11.  Ivana has been working on her toothy smile, making it quite noisy and stressful around here.

12.  Our dog, Molly, just blessed us with five puppies today.

13.  Abbey and I have been working hard to finish up and/or tie up loose ends with her school work.

14.  Tarja is nearly through with her Kindergarten portion of Time4learning......and her fifth birthday was in March.

15.  Ivana just started walking, and that means that we need to start roller skating or jogging or something to keep up.  At the end of the Dinosaur George video, you can see Ivana walking into her favorite restaurant for lunch.

 16.  Abbey and I decided to go on a diet.  Of course, she doesn't really need to lose any weight, but she's been a good diet buddy.  Both of us are getting some nice results.

17.  There's more.  I know that there is, but I have to get some other things done.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

After nearly 12 years of homeschooling.......

I don't know how long many of you have been following my blog posts, but I have a whole lot to say tonight.  First of all, thank you, Jesus, for making all of this possible for us.  The journey has not been an easy one, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.  I have always felt like that even though my first Princess has received her diploma, she has not truly graduated until she could prove that she could get and keep a good job.  Today, she interviewed and was given what I consider to be a good job, especially for someone who is just a couple of weeks shy of her 18th birthday.

Here is how it all went down.  When we first moved to this town, we literally had a relative in my living room, screaming at me about how my kids have no lives and that he would NEVER do to his kids what I am doing to mine.

Because of all the drama that this relative and others created over our homeschooling, we kept her graduation a secret.  She literally graduated on her 16th birthday.  We had a big Sweet 16 Party for her, and the King decreed that we wouldn't say anything about her graduating high school early, but would celebrate when she graduates college.

Shortly after her birthday, I created her transcript, ordered her diploma and found an online college that offered business administration. 

Just a few days later, she got her first job at a convenience store.  The convenience store job didn't work out, because the store manager very badly took advantage of Melody not having to attend school for 8 hours per day like the other teenagers.  This kept her from being able to do what she needed to do for her college curriculum, so she had to leave that job and look elsewhere.

She was hired to work for McDonalds, which was the only other place that was interested in hiring teenagers.  After a year at McDonalds, she was promoted to crew trainer.  She still works at McDonalds.

 Besides her work at McDonalds, she has been helping in our family business, by teaching my 7 and under group of baton twirlers twice a week.

A long time Girl Scout, she recently took her training to become a Girl Scout leader, and will have her own troop next year.  Be still, my heart!

TODAY, she interviewed for and  is set to start working for a local veterinarian.  She will start right after her 18th birthday.  She is super, super excited, and so am I.  Even though she is still working on her online college courses, I feel like she/we have finally made it to the end of our homeschooling journey.   I don't know what the future holds for her sisters, but Princess Abbey is already training for her career of choice, and we might just send Princess Tarja and Princess Ivana off to become Divas for one of those wrestling organizations that comes on TV. 

Furthermore, now that I know what I didn't know before, we will not hide the fact that the Four Princesses are graduating early ever again.  We and they have worked too long and hard to have to hide our light under a bushel.  If you are considering homeschooling and aren't sure, I hope that you have been inspired in some way by the Four Princesses.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago