Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm Busy and I KNOW It!

So it goes a little something like this:

1.  Get up, get dressed, get some makeup on, get out the door.
2.  Drop Princess Abbey off at the animal shelter.
3.  Run by a friend's house for a minute.
4.  Stop by the church to find out what time they want The Sparklers at the St. John's Festival.  No one was there.
5.  Go to our favorite convenience store got gas and drinks.
6.  Empty any trash that might be in the Tahoe, cause that's my habit that I've established.  We get gas, we empty trash.
7.  Get on the road that leads us to Walmart in the next town.
8.  Stop at the convenience store instead, cause Princess Tarja needs a pit stop and Princess Ivana needs a diaper.
9.  Stop to eat lunch at Long John Silver's, because Princess Ivana is howling at us from her car seat.
10. Hit Walmart to get Princess Melody's shoes that she needs for work.
11. Stop at Sam's Club for gas, because they are below $3.00 a gallon today.  Yay!
12.  Hit a party supply store to get an item that my friend needed.
13.  Get home and pick up Princess Abbey from the animal shelter.
14.  Run through McDonalds to get Princess Abbey some lunch.
15.  Run BACK to McDonalds, because they gave me a Doctor Pepper instead of a Diet Coke.  GRRRR
16.  Run Princess Abbey and Princess Tarja to practice for the local haunted house.
17.  Drop Princess Ivana off at her babysitter's house.
18.  Beat is to the park to teach a one hour twirling lesson.
19.  Pick up Princess Ivana from the babysitter.
20.  Drop Princess Melody off to work.
21.  Pick up Princess Abbey and Princess Tarja from haunted house practice.
22.  Make BBQ sandwiches with ground beef that I needed to hurry up and cook, and leftover hot dog buns from last night's dinner.  I agree, Martha Stewart.  It wasn't that good, but it was fast and everybody got full.  Sticking tongue out at Martha Stewart, even though I love watching her shows.
23.  Had a good heart to heart talk with a friend.
24.  Had my supper....that wasn't all that good, but it was supper.  Thank you, Martha Stewart, for pointing out that bloggers are bad, because we might post recipes that have been untested.  Har Har Har
25.  Did a little facebooking, and realized that I still haven't started a friend's garter that she needs for her wedding that's in three days. 
26.  Going to get off of here now, and start working on that garter.  LOL!

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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