Friday, November 18, 2011

Physical Fitness Awards for Homeschoolers

We have been participating in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Challenge for a number of years. Melody and Abbey actually completed their first award last year. After that first accomplishment, they opted to try for the Presidential Champions Award. Presidential Champions is a little more challenging, and takes a little longer to achieve.

However, I receive word in my email this morning, that new activities have been added such as video game workouts, video games that promote activity, Curves, Pilates, and a lot more. The Three Princess absolutely adore the Just Dance games for the wii, and I don't know why I had not thought to include their fun dancing sessions on their activity log, but I began this morning by going back and filling in the recent days that they have played. Dancing increases their point value a great deal, I discovered, so they should be on their way to earning another award very soon. Also, there are activities listed such as billiards, housework, table tennis, baton twirling, and other fun activities that we might not always think of as exercise.

Also, I realized that because the registration is open to children aged three and up, the very energetic Princess Tarja can start earning points for her Tarjamanian Devil behavior. She loves to dance, take walks, play sports games on the wii, and whatever else she can find to do that requires as little sitting down as possible. If only we could all be as energetic as a three year old. Santa Claus is bringing gear to prepare her for her very first year in tee ball, and she can't wait to get started.

Even fellow kings and queens can sign up. As soon as our new princess arrives, I plan on earning a few awards of my own.

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