Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hard Work

I just copied this beautiful peace of writing from the facebook post of a friend of mine:

"Do not become the Christian whom everyone avoids because you are lazy and always making excuses. Be the Christian who is attractive because your work is excellent. People can depend on you, and you go the extra mile even when it is not your responsibility. For the good of the team and the glory of God, you work hard. You may even deserve other benefits, but you refuse them during this season for the sake of the bigger picture.

Indeed, hard work keeps you out of trouble. When you are busy working hard, you do not have time to behave badly. Gossip and complaining are absent from the lips of a hard worker. You simply do not have the time or energy to go there. It may be the sweat of your brow or the perspiration of your intellect, either way, work hard. Manual labor and mental toil both require hard work. Carefully avoid condescension toward others because their work role is different than yours. Blue collars need not bad mouth white collars, nor should white collars treat blue collars as if they were inferior. We all need each other, and we all need to work hard.

Your hard work may produce wealth and abundance. Because society values your skills and services, you may even have an overabundance. Make sure you keep your success in perspective. Keep your heart tender toward God. We seem to pray more when we have little than when we have much more than we need. Allow the fruit of your hard work to drive you to your knees in thanksgiving to God. Express your gratitude through generous giving. Hard work has its benefits; make sure to steward them well.

Moreover, teach your children hard work. A child who is given everything can become soft on sin, discontent, demanding and ungrateful. Hard work teaches children the value of a dollar. It builds a discipline that will serve them throughout their lives. They learn how to work with and relate to people. Hard work is a must for a child to grow into a healthy human being.

Lastly, keep your motive right as you work hard. Keep your focus off the money. Reward and compensation will come if the work is done with excellence. Stay the course, working hard, loving your family, and taking care of your health. Execute your hard work for the glory of God. He is your boss. You are working for Him. Work hard. Work hard so that you can eat. Then you will be a blessing and not a burden to others!"
*Wisdom hunters.

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