Saturday, January 7, 2012

Waiting for Baby

Last week, I went for one of many prenatal visits for the baby, and the doctor sent me to labor and delivery because my blood pressure was elevated. He told me that I was going for observation and that if everything checked out all right, that I could leave. He didn't tell me that even though my daughter was stranded with me and that I had no warning at all, he planned on keeping me for a day or two! I fought and argued with the nurses nearly the whole time I was here. They had me lie in bed until the doctor was satisfied that my blood pressure was OK, and discharged me with the stipulation that I would be on strict bed rest over the weekend. Trying to keep me and then sending me home to be an invalid is no way to lower my blood pressure, for sure.

I went home, tried to be as lazy as possible throughout the weekend (keeping in mind that I do have three princesses at home, and a king that works overtime). After we rang in the new year as carefully as possible, I had another checkup at the high risk pregnancy center. As soon as that doctor saw me, he banished me to the hospital for a week! I have been here since last Tuesday. They've run all sorts of labs, and can't find that I have preeclampsia or any of the other bad things that could be wrong, but determined that I should still be hospitalized until the baby is induced.

A dear friend sent me a text message and asked me how I was doing, and I told her that I feel like a queen that has been kicked out of her castle.

My husband has stayed with me up until last night. Last night, he went home to be with the girls and his mother came to stay. She and I had fun together, but I know that she was very uncomfortable during the night. Incidentally, my mother in law has been in the delivery room for each and every princess.

This blog post is starting to turn into a chapter book. LOL! Those of you that know me well, know that I was crying before I started writing. I have to have a little vent with myself during crazy times. I saved it until everybody left, and then had a real, good, sobbing cry. BUT, I must add that last night, my mother in law brought me a book called, When God Winks at You. It's a very good book about how you will find little godwinks during times of stress, trouble, anguish, etc. While I was getting over my personal little meltdown, and was writing the previous paragraphs, a pleasant lady knocked on the door and offered me a back massage. What???? A masseuse in the hospital? That was definitely a godwink.

Here's the deal with the planned induction. There is nothing wrong with the baby. Princess Ivana is believed to be very healthy. All of my children have been induced, but I never really knew why. We learned from our nurse practitioner, that it isn't desirable for diabetic mothers to carry babies for a full 40 weeks, because the placenta gets old too fast, and the baby will outgrow it. At 37 weeks, the baby is considered full term, and one nurse stated that waiting any longer than that would be just waiting for bad things to happen. Therefore, tomorrow is the day.

If you are a praying person, please remember us.


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