Friday, March 8, 2013

High School Dropout Pep Talks

I have been somewhat absent this past week, because I've been so busy.  However, I have observed lots and lots of food for thought during our adventures.  One of those being about how some families are slaves to their chosen curriculum. We are not, but everybody's family situation in different.

Another being that I do get somewhat somewhat annoyed with folks that didn't take education seriously, spent their young lives acting like the Prodigal Son, and then come along and try to give the Four Princesses a pep talk about how they should stay in school, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't get pregnant, blah, blah, blah.  I really and truly do not think that it is right for someone who is wallowing in self pity for the poor decisions that they made in life, to stand before our family and try to use themselves as an example of how they lived it up throughout high school, their lives fell apart, and the Four Princesses should try very hard not to do the same.  Are you joking????

Here's the people that I would rather have around to give the Four Princesses a pep talk:

1.  People that finished high school.  I don't care how successful you have been afterwards, just let them know that you made it through.
2.  People that went BACK to school after they saw the error of their ways.  This is far better than someone who didn't pay their dues, and still doesn't care about it.
3.  People who may or may not have an education, but who have worked hard and made a decent life for themselves anyway.  Isn't this part of the idea of homeschooling/unschooling? 
4.  People who are self employed and loving it.
5.  People who chose family over career.  What are the rewards and blessings of raising children?
6.  People who sacrificed education and careers to take care of others (not the kind that dropped out for the sake of fun).
7.  People who have cleaned up their lives and now really do have nice families, can earn a living, want to explore and learn, even as adults.
8.  People that love fine arts.
9.  People that like to read.
10.  People that like to help others.
11.  Prayer warriors.
12.  Creative minds that aren't currently scrambled by substance abuse.
13.  People who take charge of their lives rather than letting life happen to them.
14.  People who are proactive in the education of their own children.

On a more positive note, Spring has about sprung in West Texas.  We might have Spring fever and not do as much "school work" as usual today.  There are other things to learn and see and do.  It's humid, like it might rain.  The birds are singing.  Everybody feels lazy. 

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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