Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goals for My Birthday

Last year, I post 36 blessings for my birthday.  This year, I've decided to set goals for myself.  Some goals are pretty cliche', but others are quite different and unusual.  I might not be able to meet these goals in one year, but these are things that have been on my mental wishlist and getting them into print seems to help me reach them faster.

1.  My health.  I need to play dancing games with the girls as often as possible, and do a better job of shunning sugar and unnatural foods.

2.  Financial Peace:  this is a tough one, but a work in progress.

3.  100 baton twirling students.  That's a BIG number, but I'm sticking to it.

4.  An office:  I need a little place that I can call home for my business, where I can do registrations, take orders for uniforms, have some twirling supplies on hand to purchase at registration, and so forth and so on. 

5.  Christmas:  I didn't do such a good job this year of getting everything ready on time.  I was going through some things that made me feel more like Scrooge than Santa, particularly the fact that everyone in my household was sick for about a month.  I will do better next Christmas.

6.  Vegetables:  Princess Melody wants to try raised bed gardening, and I want to help.  I have never had a successful garden, but every Spring, I try again.

7.  Solar Power:  How much of my house could I get on solar energy before the year is out without too much expense?

8.  Slow cooker meals:  On twirling nights, we need them.

9.  Book more shows for my twirling class.

10.  I have plans of starting a scouting program for families, not just for girls or boys.  BIG project that I've been mentally working on for about 5 years.

11.  Keep more journals and memory books to keep track of our history together as a family.

12.  Make the front yard look like a glittering, glowing fairyland.

13.  Make some much needed repairs on the house.

14.  Conquer the clutter in my house.

15.  Work on some creative wealth building.

16.  Play more games.

17.  Read more books.

18.  Learn to draw.

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  1. Good goals! I did a similar post for New Year's....but don't think I'm sticking to it very well. I need to blog an update on it.

    As far as the Christmas thing....if you go to organizedchristmas(dot)com, they have the Rudolph's a monthly (usually on the 25th) prompt to do things that are Christmas related. I don't always follow it, but it keeps it in my mind. :-)