Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 Homeschool Year in Review

There has been so much happening in our homeschool, that I hope that I don't leave out anything important here.  I like to do this annual review as much for myself as for my followers.  It feels good to see that what we have accomplished as a family. 

First of all, we participated in our local homeschool group, which has actually been the only active homeschool group that we have encountered.

Tarja finished preK and is almost finished with her Kindergarten portion of, and she just turned five years old this past March.  She has been active in baton twirling, tee ball, Girl Scouts and the Sands Art Association.

Abbey has been volunteering at the local animal shelter.  The ladies that run the shelter are teaching her the art of dog grooming, which has been a long time dream of hers.  By doing this, she earned her community service bar from Girl Scouts.  She bridged to Seniors in Girl Scouts, and has been active in baton twirling, softball, and the Sands Art Association.  She started her own successful business as a "mother's helper".  She is now CPR and First Aid certified and just earned her certificate in Forestry and Wildlife Conservation.

Melody is still plugging away with her online college courses, became a young crew trainer at McDonalds, and recently found a new job in a local veterinary clinic.  She has been my assistant Girl Scout leader, my assistant baton twirling coach, and has been active in the Sands Art Association.  Her 18th birthday is in two more days, and at that point, she will start gearing up to lead her own Girl Scout troop. 

Ivana, our tiniest princess, has recently learned how to walk and is very interested in baton twirling and any sort of technology that she can get her hands on (cell phones, computers, TV's, game systems, etc.)

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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