Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fourth Princess

Yesterday, as a family, we finally agreed upon the name of the fourth princess. Princess Ivana, whose name means, "God is gracious" is due January 30th.  If history repeats itself, then I will have labor induced in about 10 more weeks.  If not, then we will patiently wait for her arrival. 

A cold front is blowing into West Texas.  Keep in mind that anything that happens in our area, travels via high, dry, winds.  I have been diligently crocheting my new sweater, and only lack one more sleeve before I get to put it together and add the trim.  I would normally want a black or gray sweater so that it can go with anything, but this year, I am being adventurous with a blue striped pattern.  If I make myself another one, it will be black so that I can wear some bright red, Christmasy stuff with it.  Of course, the real object of the game is t sure to make sure that it will cover my big mama tummy right now, but still fit decently after Princess Ivana's arrival.  If not, then I guess one of my friends will be blessed with an almost new sweater.

Princess Tarja started acting devilish today, so I determined that maybe she would behave a lot better if she were kept busy.  I decided that a simple craft project was in order.  We got out some pink and white yarn, and proceeded to make pom poms to tie around her ponytails.  This went very well.  She wrapped the yarn around and around a book, and after she had wrapped enough, I did the cutting and the tying.  Well....our fun ended when she got her quick little finger in the way of my scissors and I nicked her fingertip to both of our surprise.  I called the king, who decreed that I should not wait for him to come and give his opinion, but to go ahead and run her to the clinic.  Keep in mind that she was bleeding profusely, and I couldn't tell if I had cut off the end of her finger or what.  Thankfully, by the time we got to see the doctor, the bleeding had stopped and he could tell that it was just a tiny nick that only needed a Snoopy band aid and a kiss.  She seems to have forgiven me.  Children are good like that. 

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  1. Yea, on Princess Ivana!! Love the name.

    Sorry you cut Tarja. I have done that to myself.... LOL... just a few weeks ago. I was cutting papers in class.... I got a little close to some flesh. I bled like a stuck pig for some minutes, before I could get to the nurse for a bandaid. LOL!

    I am glad she is OK. Mom's kisses work miracles!