Saturday, October 29, 2011

The king didn't get any sleep last night, due to being on call for his job.  Therefore, we started our morning off at the Sands Art Festival.  I talked with two of the ladies about how we, as a family, could join their organization, and not only did they invite us to the next meeting, but took us around and introduced us to some of the members.  I can't wait for our first meeting with those wonderful ladies.  The best part of the show is that I ran into my very own Kindergarten teacher from the town where we lived until about two years ago.  She was selling some gorgeous jewelry that made.  Princess Abbey got a very pretty necklace/earring set, and gave the earrings to Princess Melody.  I also bought a book called Coyote Tales from illustrator, Jackie Gulledge Zweiger, and she autographed it for us.

After the show, we went to McDonalds for lunch, and let Princess Tarja play in the play place for quite a long time so that the king could have an undisturbed nap.  After we made our way home and deposited Princess Melody and Princess Tarja, Princess Abbey accompanied me to the library's Fall book sale, where they were selling lots of books for only 10 cents each.  We found a few good looking reads, then went home and looked up how to make God's eyes online.  Abbey made a really large one with wire cut from a coat hanger, I made two out of twigs from outside, and helped Tarja make one out of two very small twigs.  They are now hanging on my living room wall. 

While we made the God's eyes, Princess Melody literally painted a painting right onto a denim skirt.  It is truly amazing, and I wish that I was thin enough to wear it.  Oh well!


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