Sunday, October 28, 2012

The three princesses that are old enough to do so, made their Jack-o-lanterns the other day.  I like to light real candles for them instead of using battery operated lights, so my duty has been to light the pumpkins in the evening.  Pumpkin insides are pretty gross, though, just so you know.  The roasted seeds were the best that I've ever made, so that's the big bonus.

Princess Abbey and Princess Tarja painted wooded Jack-o-Lantern faces that the king bought for them from Micheals.  They are colored blue and green instead of orange and black. 

After much thought and a glance at our slender budget, the princesses determined that they would like to be trolls for Halloween.  They don't want to be the ugly kind of trolls that hide under bridges, they want to be the colorful, wild haired trolls that were popular in the 80's.  I used to have an amazing collection of those little cuties.   Each girl chose a different colored hair spray, and we got some stick on jewels to decorate their faces.  They can wear regular clothes to go with their crazy hair, just like the troll dolls.  I'm stoked that they came up with such a fun and economical idea.  Princess Melody might have to miss trick or treat for the first time, due to her work schedule. 

As for Princess Ivana, I don't think that we can spray paint her little fuzzy head, so she is going to wear her Cabbage Patch Kid beanie that I made for her.

Yesterday, Abbey had archery lessons for two hours and Melody worked at McDonalds.  I worked on crochet orders, made felt/sequin Christmas ornaments and answered ChaCha questions at the same time.  I also picked up some Avon orders here and there in between doing all of these other things.  I hope that Avon becomes very profitable for us, since I really do love it.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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