Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This morning, Princess Melody and I went out to run our errands.  We were on a mission to find some good, second hand jeans for Princess Abbey and Princess Tarja.  We did find what we were looking for, then quickly planned meals for the rest of the week as we shopped for the necessary ingredients.  We went home, had lunch, and Melody had a friend over. I had to cancel twirling lessons tonight, because everything that I do makes me cough like a crazy woman.  I haven't been sick in a very, very long time, so I'm inclined to think that this is just a nasty allergy attack.  I still can't read any of our lessons that I normally read out loud. 

I tried to crochet Ivana some baby socks, but gave up.  The first pair will fit a newborn, and the next pair might fit me, so I decided that today might not be a good day to crochet.  Therefore, I have worked on ChaCha all day long. 

We haven't done anything truly special for school today.  Abbey worked on her current events book for most of the day.  Tarja did time4learning.com with me, which doesn't take very long.  Melody had a friend over for a little while, and then went to work. 

I made chicken enchiladas and rice for supper, which was quite yummy. 

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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