Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Princess Melody and I determined that we needed more hairspray to be able to turn the Princesses into trolls for Halloween, and I also needed to pick up a check from our art association treasurer to pay the gentleman that cuts the grass at the art center.  When we stepped outside, we found a dead cat under a tree in our front yard.  Yuck.  I sent the king a text message about it, and we went on our way.  When we got home, there was another dead cat near the porch.  Holy Cow!  I sent the king another message.  Melody said to be careful, because there might be a snake.  This really freaked me out, so I called the hard working king to interrupt what he was doing to come out and pick up the dead cats and find the snake.  He was totally unshakeable, and advised me to call the dog catcher to come and pick up the cats.  She did come, and was very nice about it, but said that she had already picked up several that looked as though they had been mutilated.  Ewwww!!!!  I had forgotten that weirdos like to do things like that in honor of Halloween. 

Never-the-less, we proceeded to turn three out of the four princesses into those cute little trolls like everybody used to collect in the 80's and 90's.  All three girls turned out to be adorable trolls.  I tried to turn Princess Ivana into a Lalaloopsie with a hat that crocheted for her, but she wouldn't leave the hat on, and had no interest in any of the Halloween madness other than the part about taking over Princess Abbey's lollipop at Trunk-n-Treat. 

The merchant trick or treat was a really big deal.  I feel inspired to get in on that next year as a business owner.  Tarja almost couldn't hold her candy bucket after visiting all of the stores.  Trunk-n-Treat has always been the highlight of our trick or treating, and it was an even bigger deal this year than last, because all of the churches put their efforts together to make one, huge event.  By the time we got through that, it was time to go home, eat chili dogs and gear up to go house to house.  Ivana fell asleep in her car seat, so I got to ride around and supervise while Abbey and Tarja went trick or treating.  Tarja came home with another haul.  One lady handed out spiral notebooks instead of candy, which I thought was cool.  She must have known that there were homeschoolers in the area! 

Princess Melody was sad that this was the first Halloween that she didn't go trick or treating with her sisters.  However, she did get to dress up for work, so she was a purple haired troll and wore her favorite LMFAO shirt that says, "Sexy and I Know it".

When we got home, Abbey found all of my Christmas CD's and we chose a new song to use for twirling.  Can't wait to get started on it.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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