Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homeschool Group Activities

We have a growing homeschool group in our town.  I am not sure how many families actually belong to this group at this point, but since the beginning of the year, we have stayed quite active, with quite a lot more things planned in the coming months. 

We have a homeschooling Girl Scout troop.  Here is Princess Tarja and Princess Abbey selling Girl Scout cookies:

We went as a group to the 4H barn tours during the week of the stock show:

Then, we had a Valentine party.  Each family was asked to bring a creative dessert using Girl Scout cookies.

Today, we had our state fair.  The state fair begins with each family choosing a different state for which to do a unit study and create a presentation for the group. We had a party, let the kids present their projects, and then had a little geography bee, which consisted of moms going around writing down questions based on what as on the project boards, then asking and giving the kids points for correct answers.  We had  a lunch made up of state foods.  The Princesses did New Jersey, and brought corn, peaches and mashed potatoes to represent crops grown in New Jersey.  After all of that, we went out and broke a U.S. flag pinata.
Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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