Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Palace Rules

Most mothers have a rule for everything that goes on in their homes. If the rules aren't followed, then there are consequences. Discipline is important, but I don't have to do a whole lot of it. The three princesses are very well behaved. Of course, our youngest, and most high spirited, is in her terrible twos right now, but she's learning about life in our little castle.

I think that the only really serious infraction is that of refusing to keep their chambers clean. The Queen does not like to have to wade through masses of clothes and toys to get to things. Beyond that, the house rules are simple. I expect everybody to be nice to each other, and to visitors. I don't like to hear curse words, even though the king might bellow every once in awhile. Princesses are expected to tell me where they are going, and then stay in that place unless they ask permission to go elsewhere beforehand. Basically, being honest earns a princess a lot of nice privileges.

This could mean, of course, that they are unsocialized. There's that goofy word. If they were the kind of kids that get into trouble often, then they would be considered normal, and then I could have something to talk about with some of the other ladies. However, I listen to them talk about their incorrigible kids, and there is no place for me to join in. Sad, isn't it?

I love the three princesses. They make me proud every day. Even on bad days, I know that many queens have a far more difficult time managing things than I do, and I pray that they receive the help and guidance that they need.

With Love for all Queens and their princes and princesses,
Laurel Santiago


  1. I hear ya..... it is no longer the norm to have well-behaved kids.... that means that they are ill-adapted.... truly sad.

  2. Fellow Queen,

    I feel your pain on this one. I have been blessed with one of the very well behaved Princesses as well. Seems they are certainly "out of the norm" for how most young ladies act today. We are very blessed!

    The Queen Bee :)