Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to Three Princesses!

You are about to embark on a royal journey.  This is the journey of three princesses and their parents, who have been on a mission to home educate for over ten years.  The oldest princess is Melody, who will complete her studies in the near future, Abbey, who is in her first year of junior high, and Baby Tarja, who is in the final stages of potty training.  

As you travel with us, you will laugh, cry, and experience some Aha! moments. I will start off our journey with a view of the two youngest, yet very fair princesses as they perform their royal exercises.  You will see Abbey, practicing cheer leading for her Upward basketball group, and Baby Tarja, following along so that she can someday participate in the same group.

Now, you will observe Princess Baby Tarja enjoying her royal reading lesson, which is administered and supervised by our oldest Princess Melody:

You have officially met the Three Princesses, and I hope that you will continue to join us as we share our homeschooling journey with you.

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