Friday, January 28, 2011

A Royal Disappointment

Princess Melody is just a few months too young for the job that she thought she already had.

I, being the pushy, homeschooling mommy that I can be, said, "It's OK. You can focus on your ACT test for now, and by the time that's over, you will be old enough to work wherever you like!"

Princess Melody looked at me like I was crazy. I don't blame her.

Even the sweetest princes and princesses don't get paid for taking standardized tests.

Explaining to a young student that the three r's, tests, diplomas, and degrees earn one more money later is often met with a faraway gaze.

After all, what happens in the future doesn't fill their little pockets now.

Could this be an exercise in patience? They say that patience is a virtue, but what they don't say is that it takes practice. It's another one of those tests that really does earn us more of everything as time passes.

Princess Melody, I do believe that someday, you will have all that you want, and more than that, because that's the kind of faithful, hard working princess that you are.


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  1. Aw.... it is so hard to watch and expect kids to grow up gracefully. Especially when there are needs and the maturity is there.... just not the years.