Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Princess Melody Goes to Work

Princess Melody has a lot of big plans for herself. She has chosen to enroll in an online college after she graduates, because she wants a home, car, her own business, and lots of other nice things. The catch is that she intends to do all of this and remain debt free.

For the past few years, she has taken on babysitting and housekeeping jobs to fund her dreams. Today, she has a real job interview.

It's a little bit scary, thinking of my baby being old enough to have a real job. Instincts are causing me to wonder what kind of questions they will ask her in the interview. Will she know the right answers? If she gets the job, will the other ladies that she works with be nice to her, or resent her for being so young and inexperienced?

All of these questions and more are running through my mind, even though I worked all through school.

This year, we have a new job, sweet 16, graduation, the beginnings of higher education, and more. Someday, my baby girls will all be the queens of their kingdoms.

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