Friday, March 25, 2011

Homeschool Groups

I'm not complaining, merely reflecting.

What do you think about starting, or belonging to homeschool support groups?

The reason that I ask is that so many people are really gung ho about joining these groups. They sign up, pay their dues, sign statements of faith, and do whatever else is necessary to become members of these groups.

After all of the little formalities, something happens to the groups, more often than not. What happens is the strangest phenomena that I have ever seen in my ten years of homeschooling.

Few, if anybody, participates.

Families RSVP for events, and then refuse to show up.

Other families suggest events, and then fail to come to that which they have created.

The excuses for this display of apathy are amazing and endless.

Coordinators and organizers are left with wasted time, lost money, and hurt feelings.

Are homeschool support groups needed or wanted at all?


  1. I think they are wanted and needed, but being homeschoolers, I think we are very opinionated and tend to do our own thing.

    It is sad. I would love to see more unity within groups with older homeschoolers. It seems there is more for the little ones.

  2. The apathy you speak of, I would say, is rampant in society..... not just homeschool. I have notice that in our JBQ (for which you pay about $70 per kid and he or she is one of 3 or 4 on the team). Well, many people just stop showing up for practice or will miss a practice and not tell anyone. Sad and maddening... come to think about it.... much more maddening!