Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last night, after my perfectly Somersized meal and an amazingly positive change in my blood sugar readings, Princess Abbey and I made the sidewalk paint. Abbey and Tarja painted the front porch with beautiful crosses and swirlies. Of course, we don't get to keep these creations, since this paint dries to a powder for easy clean up. That means that they get to create new masterpieces another time.

Hubs dug up an area for a garden. We planted onions, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, and pumpkins. Tarja helped plant seeds, and then I let her plant sunflower seeds in a little flower pot of her own. Bear in mind that we have been trying to have a garden for years, and have never been successful. Here's hoping that we will have a plant grow in our new town. So far, the trees that we have planted are thriving, and I have more roses on my little rose bush than I have ever had in my entire life. Maybe today, Tarja can plant a bean so that she can watch a really fast growing plant while she waits for the more slowly growing flowers. I also have a lot of seeds of various yellow flowers to plant in the front yard. The reason that they are all yellow is that my more artistic minded, Princess Melody, suggested that all of the flowers should be the same color. I hope to have a yard full of yellow flowers soon.

After the planting fun, we went to the park so that Tarja could blow bubbles with a bubble blowing set that Melody bought for her, and then we all played catch. Abbey, the softball players, laughed at our throwing and catching abilities, but it was fun.

I actually have pictures of all of this, but can't find my USB cable so that I can upload them to my computer.

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