Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've gone back to Somersize level one, for reasons that I can't disclose at this time, but it works for me in certain sensitive situations, and hopefully I can discipline myself to make a lifestyle out of it. My health really, truly depends on it. Hence, this is another phase to my personal war on diabetes.

Here is a strange, interesting fact about me, now that we are on the subject of health: I do not drink water without ice. Even if I drink bottled water, it needs to be ice cold. As I write this, Princess Melody has informed me that we are out of ice, and since caffeine causes issues with my blood sugar, my glass remains empty. It's water, or I need to go out and get a bag of ice. Don't even ask why I won't drink ice made at home. It doesn't even make sense to me, but that's one of the things that makes me different. Be that as it may, I have made a commitment to myself to drink as much water as possible, and it's working for me. Since we live in Death Texas, water is a good thing to pour within one's body.

Hopefully, it will get cool enough to do something outside. When, and if that happens, I want to make Sidewalk Paint for Princess Tarja. I'm sure that her sisters will enjoy helping her beautificate our sidewalks, as well. I absolutely love home made art supplies.

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