Friday, January 25, 2013

30 for 30 Physical Activity Challenge

If you look on my sidebar, you can see the button that takes you to this 30 minutes for 30 days, physical activity challenge.  Here is the breakdown of what I did for the week:

Monday:  We played Just Dance 4.

Tuesday:  I had to count, sort and move Girl Scout cookie cases for about two hours.  If you don't think that is exercise I urge you to try it.  In the evening, we had twirling lessons for an hour.

Wednesday:  Lots of housekeeping.

Thursday: Twirling lessons for an hour.

Friday:  More moving of Girl Scout cookie boxes, shopping vigorously (I'm a power shopper), and housekeeping, which includes a bathroom duct tape project. 

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago


  1. Good girl!!!! I need to start doing something a bit more regularly. And some of the stuff, I could do a bit order to get a workout. :-)

  2. Great job! Thanks for sharing and joining the link-up! I love Just Dance. Usually I do it for 2 hours per day but haven't been doing it lately. Shame on me!