Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of The Three Princesses

Homeschool days tend to confuse people, because they picture homeschooling as being identical to public schooling, without the public school. Here is a glimpse of what most of our days are like.

The girls get out of bed a little later than many of their friends, primarily because we stay up later than those that have to attend school at certain hours.

I expect them to get dressed as soon as they get out of bed. No lounging around is allowed, because we have so much to do.

We get started on breakfast, and one princess works on her math lessons online, while the other princess straightens up their bedroom. When the first princess finishes math, they switch roles.

We have lunch.

After both princesses are finished with math, we read whatever living books we have chosen to read out loud. Currently, we are reading 90 Minutes in Heaven, and Beyond the Orphan Train.

After our readings, Princess Melody starts working on her ACT test preparation material, and Princess Abbey either reads her library book, or works on a project. Currently, she is working on a giant book of posters, each depicting a president and a few important facts.

If we are not in a hurry to get ready for an after school activity, the girls can work on their Youth Heritage Project, which is a very in depth study of certain aspects of American history.

Throughout the day, they are given credit on the Presidential Active Lifestyle Challenge, for housekeeping and exercise.

If you will notice, we are lacking some subjects, because early in the year, both girls completed their science, typing, economics, and several other courses that they began during the Summer months.

By the time all of the lessons are complete, and everyone is finished with her respective after school activities such as cheerleading, choir, or youth group, we have supper, and the girls spend the rest of their evening either visiting with friends, playing games, reading, or watching movies.

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