Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum: Economics

I am signed up for a daily email fromClickschooling Every day, you will receive an email with a free lesson that can be found online. It might be a lesson plan, game, unit study, webcast or video. I enjoy this, because the links are often for fun things that we can do along with our regular lessons.

In my email for today, there were a few links to games for economics. We didn't have time to play all of the games today, but we did try and like Show Me the Future

"Show Me the Future" is a fun simulation game that lets your child make certain life decisions such as the type of job she will have, house, car, day care, food, clothing, etc.  Then, it randomly selects life events that add to or take away form her income.  The child wins if she can get to the end with some money left over in her checking out.  It was fun watching Princess Melody and Princess Abbey decide together, because one princess is more frugal then the other.  One princess disagreed with daycare, and wanted to cram her three children in a compact car, while the other wanted the best of everything and ended up broke.  Princess Melody pointed out when Princess Abbey wanted to give up and start over, that we don't get a reset button if we make bad decisions in real life. 

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Laurel Santiago

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