Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Duties of a Homeschooling Queen

You now know how the Three Princesses spend the greatest part of their days, but what do the queen's responsibilities entail?

I get out of bed before the rest of the family, and start on my household chores. To get a glimpse of what I do every day, please visit flylady

As soon as I get the house somewhat to my liking, I do my diabetic rituals of blood sugar testing, meds, and breakfast.

While I'm making breakfast, the Three Princess are getting dressed, and then I give my instructions for their school day while they eat.

If there are any errands to be run outside of the home, they have to be done before the king leaves for work. This can happen either before or after breakfast, and a princess often goes with me. Errands include grocery shopping, library, paying bills, etc.

While the Three Princesses do their lessons, I clean the kitchen. The computer is in the kitchen, and the kitchen tends to be my biggest job, so this allows me to clean and supervise at the same time. Then, of course, we fix lunch, and do a final clean up after that.

The Three Princess take a break, and I update my blog, respond to emails, etc.

After our break, we do the portion of the lessons that I have to do such as reading our living books out loud, and discussing them.

There is a small amount of time between these last lessons, and our after school activities, so I work for at that time.

Dinner is served after everyone gets home from activities, and then I get back on for my WHAM pleasure. This continues off and on between evening chores until bedtime.

Because the king's job requires him to work until after midnight, my bedtime is several hours after the Three Princesses have fallen asleep. That gives me time to work or write unit studies before the king arrives home for his supper. My day often ends very early the next morning.

After I settle into bed, I spend a short amount of time reading my own library books, or working on homework from my Bible study group. Although it is a short time, it is my quiet time, before turning in for my early morning nap.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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