Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Most Homschooling Queens Look For

Some of the things that I do to get by as a homeschooling queen seem somewhat mundane, but in reality, there are certain activities that I know to be of interest to other queens, whether homeschooling or not. Let me start off by answering a few questions about my activities.

1. Yes, I try to feed my family healthful meals. This is not because I am a health nut, but because we have a variety of health concerns represented in my home, and nearly all of them can and have been improved with dietary changes. Does that mean that my children are never allowed to eat candy or fast food? Of course not. It just means that we try to be mindful about what we ingest as much as we can, and we talk about it often. This is one ongoing health class for which they will receive credit. The Three Princess already have a clear understanding of proper nutrition for general good health, adolescence, babies, and even gestational diabetic queens.

2. Like many homeschooling queens, I have a lot of work to do, and have less money to do it all with than I would have if I had continued working outside the home. Therefore, I do make my own cleaning supplies, including laundry detergent. In fact, we are at a point in our lives where making our own is not as necessary as it used to be, but it just makes sense to keep cutting corners where we can so that we can have more money to spend in other areas that need attention.

3. I don't qualify as a coupon queen, yet, but I'm fast getting there. There really is a trick to all of this, and if you want to know about it, leave me a comment.

4. I used to bake constantly so that we could have fresh baked goods all the time, without the expense. Now that I am on a carb controlled plan, I have traded my baking hobby for things like sausage, mayonnaise and salad dressing making. It's been good for the whole family to get away from even more of the store bought poisons on which most of us have been raised.

5. Homeschooling queens are supposed to be highly organized. I am always on a path to refine the organization of my household and homeschool. My dream is actually to go paperless, but the children do have to demonstrate that they can write on paper every so often. My greatest tool has been what I like to call The Mom Manual. It is merely a notebook with pocket folders, dividers, a pencil pouch and other little goodies that help me keep the inner workings of my household at my fingertips. Every queen should have one of these.

6. There are a few activities that I do for generating income in between homeschooling and household organization. I am a ChaCha guide, crochet items to sell, and mystery shop.

7. Stay tuned, because there is more to come!

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago


  1. Excellent! You are an inspiration... keep it up.

    I'm an on-again/off-again Q-Queen..... I have been known to get $50 worth of stuff at CVS for $0.88..... But, it takes work, and I'm lazy.... no.... I'm not.... I'm just busy and that is something I decided was not worth my time. Does it pay off.... OH YEAH! But, I would rather use that hour to do something else.

  2. I spent 73 cents at CVS the other day for a bag full of my favorite products. Hootie hoo!