Thursday, July 7, 2011

This day started off with a twirling lesson. Our budding twirling groups is really cute right now. It consists of two families, and each of those families have three princesses each. We got together and chose uniforms today. I am really, really pleased with what we all agreed upon, but I don't like to get excited until those uniforms are actually in our hands.

During this time, Melody has been at work, so she won't do her school lessons or twirling lessons until later in the day. In fact, I expect her to call me to pick her up from work at any time as I write.

Tarja likes to be read to right before lunch. I don't know why this is, but as soon as we finish whatever it is that we need to do in the morning, she brings all of her library books for me to read. I have to time our reading, because she gets a prize from the library for every 5 hours that we read to her.

Abbey's weekly lessons are both online and off, and she works very well independently. After she did some of her reading assignments and math, we listened to The New World Symphony by Dvorak, then did dictation and Spanish. Now, she is reading The School of the Woods online. Since she's an animal lover, she should really enjoy that book.

I'm debating on how I want to set up her Book of Centuries this year, because this term has a big focus on the 1920s, and if I make the book in the way that I usually do, she will run out in one area and have lots of blank pages in others. I have lots of ideas, but will welcome more. If you have an idea to share, please post it in the comments.

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  1. We are doing a library program, too. We get tickets for how much we read, in books, not time. Picture books are one ticket per 5 books. Then, you get more for chapter books, juv. books and young adult.