Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm not enjoying my new job as much as I thought I would. Now, the real reason that I took this particular job rather than getting back into insurance, is because the hours fit right into the schedule of my family, it is very near my home and the actual duties aren't really that difficult. My dilemma is that I am four months pregnant, and you can imagine that when it is 110 degrees outdoors, what must it be like indoors with many washers and dryers running at the same time? I'm not a good quitter, so do I grin and bear the consequences, or get back home under the A/C with my computer and I have to think long and hard about this.

Princess Melody had to leave her job at the convenience store, because her former boss seems to think that teenagers should put in 12-14 hour days every day without complaint, have no days off, and forget about what needs to be done for school. Yes, we are unusual in that not only do we homeschool year round, but that we feel that a 16 year old college student should be allowed a few hours per day to devote to the lost art of study. When she told her boss that she could not work early morning shifts, because she has school in the mornings, she was told that if she could not work the hours given to her, that she could find work somewhere else. Our King put his foot down, and Melody is currently seeking a more student friendly position somewhere else.

We celebrated Princess Abbey's 12th birthday by going out to dinner and coming home to chocolate cake with mocha icing. The King and I (LOL) gave her a cell phone, and Princess Melody bought her a Wii (Princess Tarja calls it the Weed). She also received an amazing birthday surprise from our dear friend and fellow homeschooler: a trip to a nearby nail salon for some girly fun. Hootie hoo!

Next month is the King's birthday, and Princess Tarja informed me that she is going to arrange a party for him. It will be interesting and fun to see the party planning prowess of a three year old princess.

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