Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm so excited that Princess Tarja is going to have the opportunity to use the Charlotte Mason method through her entire school career. Princess Melody did well from middle school through high school. Princess Abbey has done well from elementary school through the present middle school years, and Princess Tarja is about to commence to begin to start.

An online homeschool friend is starting a group on facebook for those of us that want to read and discuss A Charlotte Mason Companion by chapters. When we first started using this method of teaching, I borrowed the book, but since I will need it for the next several years for Tarja and the prince or princess that is on the way, I went ahead and ordered myself a copy. Now, I can't wait until it gets here!

I'm sure that my friends get bored with me going on and on about Charlotte Mason, but this woman was a genius in the area of educating children. Also, if you have ever doubted your decision to ditch the career wear to become a full time wife and mother, the beautiful words of Charlotte Mason will open your eyes to a whole new, beautiful world.

Also, I ran across the blog of the author of A Charlotte Mason Companion. It is a beautiful, beautiful, work of art. If I ever were to get to meet some important women in my life, I would like to meet Charlotte Mason and Karen Andreola. Both women have changed the face of child rearing and homeschooling for my family forever, and I dearly hope that someday, I can be such an inspiration to other mothers that need this tender encouragement.