Monday, June 25, 2012


I had an interview this morning that might lead to my getting to do something AMAZING!  I wish that I could tell you what it is, but if I don't get this job (that will not feel like a job at all), then I will just let this phase of my story fade away.  Anyway, the interview was AMAZING!  I may have rambled on like an idiot at some points, but the interviewers didn't seem to mind.  Maybe I'm not the only rambling goof ball that they've run into............or maybe I am, and added some humor to their day.  I guess I will never know.  I will tell one gaffe that I did, though.  When the man in charge asked why I want to do what it is that I am applying to do, I replied, "Because I LOVE it!"  Oh, Laurel....  Oh well.  My enthusiasm can't always be contained, but I usually do a better job than that.  After a fairly lengthy conversation about what my duties would entail, I was asked to fill out paperwork for a background check.  I am believing that is a good thing, because background checks cost money, and if they didn't want to hire the overly excited goof ball, they probably would have just sat on the papers. 

NEXT, my kids determined that my possible success was worth celebrating with a pizza lunch, and so we loaded all of us up and went out for pizza.  As soon as we got home, Tarja's coach texted with a surprise tee ball game and the reminder that I had signed up to bring snacks for this game.  Princess Melody bought the snacks.  I had my time in the sauna (otherwise known as the laundromat), rushed home to clean house (you would never know it if you came over right now) and fix supper before Tarja's beauty pageant meeting and tee ball game (which were scheduled at the exact same time).  Princess Melody and Princess Abbey, accompanied by two cousins and a friend, stayed with Tarja at the tee ball game, while Princess Ivana and I went to the pageant meeting.  Not only did the meeting start a half hour late, but I learned that a whole lot of our twirling performance schedule on July 4th has just been shaken up.  Holy Cow!  I hastily spoke with twirler moms and pageant people about this situation, and how we could fix it, while my phone rang and buzzed like crazy, because Tarja's tee ball game was over.  Talking....planning......hurrying......considering stomping on the phone.......Hoootie hoo!!!!  Ivana and I got loaded back into the Expedition, and go back to the baseball park to reload.  It was good that dinner just needed to be heated up. 


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