Saturday, June 23, 2012

Text Messages to Heaven

I had a very happy experience happen to me the other day.  It was one of those experiences that just leaves your head swimming and our mouth smiling all day.  Now, unfortunately, I can't share what exactly it was that made me so happy just yet, but if you keep checking my blog, I will share it in the near future.  That's not important now, though.  After an entire day of being all full of myself and thinking about all of the wonderful things that are taking place in my life, I had an odd, fleeting thought that I should text Mama to tell her all about it.  That would be a nice idea considering that Mama never owned a cell phone, and probably wouldn't have ever been able to see well enough to text.  At least, that's true given the time period and her age when cell phones and text messaging became so wildly popular.  At any rate, I took that as a sign or message that she's still around, seeing all of this.  To the dismay of myself and probably my English teacher friends, I have no conclusion to this little bit of rambling, but I hope that it blesses somebody, and I hope that Mama is enjoying the two Princesses that weren't yet born by the time she took her journey home.


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