Sunday, June 24, 2012

Since I Can't Text Mama

Since I can't text Mama, I'll just keep telling you all what's going on with us, and I am sure that she will get the message in whatever form that messages get to her. 

A few short weeks ago, Princess Abbey's softball team won their league's tournament.  It was a very exciting tournament, and Abbey was ecstatic.

Princess Tarja had a tee ball game this past Friday evening, and her team won.  They have won most of their games.  This is her very first year to play, so it's exciting. 

I have to be a little honest, though.  I have spent about 2 months sitting in the stands, in the sun, in 100+ degree weather.   I don't enjoy spectator sports, possibly because they are so freakishly uncomfortable in West Texas.  Other than that, it is exhilarating to see the Princesses play.  However, I am glad that softball is over, and tee ball is nearing the end.

We spent most of this weekend at birthday parties.  It was only two birthday parties, but both had major lasting power.  Both were for children under five years old.  Both children were family.  Both had Spongebob themes and bouncy houses.  It was pretty neat.  This brings to light that I need to get busy on our family reunion and Princess Abbey's birthday, which will be back to back.  I am dreaming of a Just Dance 3 party and either pizza or barbeque.  Barbeque is more friendly for diabetic mommies, and seems to make everybody happy, so we'll see about that.

Not everything is sunlight and roses at our house.  Princess Ivana started crawling really well  during the past week.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that unlike her sister Princesses, she crawls right off the bed!  This has happened twice within the last few days.  This ends our co sleeping/bonding/natural child thing with this energetic little Princess.  I'm overjoyed that she's so strong, but bummed that snuggling and falling asleep with her is now dangerous.  It feels unnatural to put her to bed at night in her own bed at five months old.  I know that there is much debate over sleeping with babies.  The pros outweigh the cons for most kids, but in every situation, it truly depends on the needs of the individual. 

I might have some exciting news tomorrow..................or not.  NO, I'm not pregnant.  If you are a praying person, I stand in the need of prayer right now for God's will to be done in this very happy situation that could come to pass.....................or not.  I want something very badly, but it's not up to me.  We'll find out tomorrow.


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