Monday, December 10, 2012

Homeschool Unit Studies

Tis the season to be busy.  I have been actively working on advertising both my expanding parade corps and Avon businesses.  It's fun, but I have been so tired at night that I fall asleep as soon as  I hit the pillow.  Since I have been somewhat of an insomniac for the past few years, I guess that's really a good thing. 

Princess Abbey has decided to focus her energy on our New Jersey unit study, since the state fair is next week.  There are many ways that doing an occasional unit study helps our homeschool. 

*The child has to research information both online and off.  As long as Mom doesn't do this for her, she learns how to find information about anything and everything as the need arises.  You will be very surprised by how this boosts the education of your child. Honestly, do you sit around and wish that you had more schooling if you want to know something, or do you ask questions and look it up?  This is real world experience.

*The child is asked to narrate about certain topics in the unit.  Remember, we use the Charlotte Mason method, so we don't use many, if any, worksheets.  Therefore, the bulk of the assignments are worded sort of like, "Research and tell about Thomas Edison."  "Research and tell about the Pinelands Fox Hunt." My created assignments for my children never say, "Please choose the correct answer for each of the following questions."

*Narrations are graded for spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Spelling words have to be practiced.  We talk about why the mistakes are mistakes.  The child may have to do some rewriting so that we can have nice, final copies.

*Important dates are entered into the Book of Centuries.

* Some coloring pages may be used, but if the child is able to draw things like state symbols, then it is encouraged.  My princess love to draw, so that's a plus.

*State symbols such as the state flower, bird, tree, and so forth, become science lessons.
*Looking up and trying recipes related to the unit are home economics.
*Getting together with other homeschoolers for a fun event related to the unit is part of how we knock out the "socialization" issue. 

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

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