Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Homeschooling

Do you think that you can't homeschool because your income is limited, or have you started homeschooling and are overwhelmed with the expense?

It would be somewhat unrealistic to believe that one can home educate without any money at all, but here are a few of my "tried and liked" tips to help ease the possible financial burdens of the situation.

1. Visit your local library on a regular basis. Keep yourself informed of the resources that they have available, and be sure to mention to the librarians that you are homeschooling. Many libraries host special events and Summer reading clubs. I personally like to borrow as much material as I can from the library. Because we use the Charlotte Mason approach of living books for most subjects, this has worked out very well for us.

2. Hastings and Barns & Noble will give homeschooling parents an educator's discount. There is a short form to fill out, and you will receive a card.

3. Keep your eyes and ears out for free or no cost community events that your family can enjoy. When you attend a concert, movie, fair, play, etc. save the programs and ticket stubs for student portfolios.

4. Instead of workbooks, I purchase spirals and composition books at the beginning of the year to be used for journals, centuries books, and copywork books. My total out of pocket cost for school supplies per year is normally less than $20.

5. You will have to provide more meals than a public schooling family would normally provide throughout the year, which makes it worth the time and effort to become a coupon mom. This is especially true if you left a full time job to homeschool.

6. A high speed internet connection can be costly, but the savings can be realized through all of the free homeschooling resources available around the internet.

7. Don't forget the importance of play. Board games and even some video games actually cover several important subjects at one time. I always teach colors and numbers by playing UNO.

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