Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sunday is church day, and will be coupon day as soon as I get home from church. My only concern right now is that my husband might not get home from work in time for us to get to church, but I still have an hour and a half to think about that.

I have a Sunday only subscription to the newspaper. After I look through the one that comes to my house, and if I like the coupons that came with it, then I will go to the grocery store and buy 5 or 6 more newspapers. What do I do with all of those newspapers that I don't need?

I use newspaper to wash my windows, and use the funny papers for gift wrap. In fact, I wrapped a baby cousin's birthday present yesterday, and discovered that I can also make really neat bows with them as well.


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  2. I like the wrapping paper idea.... I just always got rid of the papers, except in winter, we kept it to start fires in the fireplace. Look into the stores' prices on the papers.... you might could get some on Monday or Tuesday for cheaper than the Sunday of or saturday before. OR.... if you have neighbors who take the paper, maybe ask to take their Qs.

    Are you doing a Round Robin for your Qs. You can get involved in some through couponing sites...... I always found it tedious and too time consuming, but some people really like it.

  3. Was wondering if you heard enough interest from our friends to set up a round robin within the people we know. I have a small stockpile of coupons to add to it right now, mostly toddler items like pullups etc. Let me know :)