Saturday, April 16, 2011


I got up early, and my blood sugar was a little high, so I went out couponing instead of having breakfast. That's crazy, but couponing is more fun than eating.

We stopped at a yard sale, and picked up a book about face painting, and a dress for Melody.

I got to spend a little bit of time cleaning the house (you can't tell it by this time of night), and reorganized my growing stockpile. If we ever have an emergency, we will be able to survive on breakfast cereal, Pringles, and macaroni and cheese.

Melody and Abbey went to see Soul Surfer with their youth group. They both said that it was a very sad, but wonderful movie.

My brother in law and his family came to visit for a little while. This gave us a chance to talk about plans for Melody's sweet 16. My brother in law will be the DJ/Master of Ceremonies, and his wife's aunt is making the cake.


  1. BAHAHAHA>...... cereal, pringles and mac and cheese..... throw some beans, rice and flour into your stockpile. You don't often get Qs for those (well, rice you do) and they are good *emergency* items.....

  2. I do actually have tons of flour. I DID have a good stockpile of rice and beans, but did not try to restock the beans since nobody likes them but me and the baby. I also have way more Malt o Meal than the law should allow, but my family loves the Malt o Meal muffins.