Thursday, April 14, 2011


Thursday started with a very early, impromptu trip with my neighbor to her eye doctor. Before I got home, I found out that Hubs decided that I should take Princess Abbey to have her injured hand inspected by a doctor.

Thankfully, Abbey's hand is badly bruised, but not broken.

The wind is crazy here, and I had to cancel our twirling practice. Therefore, I spent some time clipping coupons from an All You magazine, and filed a few expired coupons into an envelope that will be sent to the military coupon program.

To write these things down, it doesn't seem as though I have done very much, but most of the day is already gone, and it's about time to make supper. Ground beef is thawing, and I have some leftover corn tortillas from another meal, so this might be taco night or chili night. I haven't made a decision, but home made chili will be kinder to my blood sugar than tacos.

Prayer request: My area is battling many, many wild fires. So many people have already lost their homes. Other people living away from the fires are suffering respiratory issues because of the smoke in the air. We haven't had rain in months.

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  1. I hear you! Today, our skies looked like W. TX.... that dirty, dingy look. After playing outside, my kids come in smelling like smoke. We have a lot of fires in this area, too. I worry that tomorrow #3 might have issues with his asthma, due to the smoke.