Friday, April 8, 2011

The Queen's War

My husband might have to suffer another job change in the near future. This means that our insurance will change.

This means.............if my training in insurance law serves me right.......that this diabetic queen will not have coverage for her diabetes for a period of two years.

This was on my mind when I went to bed last night, and was haunting me again when I woke up this morning.

As I went through my daily routine of blood sugar readings, meds, breakfast, etc. I mentally calculated the cost of each item that I have to use to get through my day.

The greatest expense, of course, is the lab work, second only to the dreaded insulin injections that I have to take every day.


Here are the demands that I am making on my body:

1. My blood sugar is going to be brought under control without the aid of insulin.

2. I will use my newly gained knowledge of dietary effects on blood sugar for the remainder of my days.

3. My body will respond in kind by reactivating all of the systems that have worn down, or never have worked correctly.

4. I am going to enjoy my life with my family, as I have discovered that my blood sugar is lowest when I am happiest, so I am going to be deliriously happy.

In Jesus's Name....

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