Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tide Stain Release In Wash Booster

I was fortunate enough to be one of the ladies chosen to take the Tide Stain Release Challenge.

First of all, it has recently dawned on me that our clothes don't often have stains. This could be due to some OCD type behavior on my part. The worst example being that all of my babies learned very, very early to wipe their faces after every bite of baby food. Picture a six month old expertly swiping her tiny mouth with a napkin, and you will either laugh or shake your finger at me.

At any rate, the item that seems to defy me every day is the white sock. White socks are their own breed of laundry. Sometimes I wonder if white socks would get dirty even if we never wore them? That sounds like a good homeschool science experiment.

I began to take notice of the white socks before and after using Tide Stain Release In Wash Booster, and discovered that even my husband's work socks are noticeably whiter than they were before. Therefore, Tide has lived up to their promises once again.

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