Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's prayer request: West Texas is still on fire. The wind is outrageous, and I can't even remember when we last had rain.

Lowe's grocery store has Minute Rice Ready Rice packages of two on sale for $1.79ea. A dear friend gave me some coupons. One coupon was for $1.00/2 and the others were for .50/1. I used all of them. To my surprise, the 50 cent coupons were doubled, so I got each package for 79 cents. When I came home, I opened one package to heat up for the Princesses, and there was another 50 cent coupon! I opened every package, cut out the coupons, and went back to Lowe's for more. Hootie hoo! Of course, I can repeat this cycle again tomorrow, with the 50 cent coupons that I just acquired from the second trip. My kids will love these, and I have a baby niece coming to visit this weekend that will like to snack on them as well.

Most of you, as homeschoolers, are working on wrapping up this school year. We don't plan on stopping for the Summer, but we are finishing up a couple of things. For example, Abbey is doing her makeup work for math. This is her chance to practice and retake certain areas that she didn't do well on the first go around. Melody is working out of Contemporary's GED Short Course book, which is serving as an amazing review for material that she has been working with throughout the year. She won't get a GED for homeschool graduation, but I will give her a sample GED test for the sake of the scores in each subject to put in her files.

We are almost finished with our book about the men that signed the Declaration of Independence, and have made it to the middle of Great Expectations. Great Expectations is so good, that the girls often ask me to continue reading. Hopefully, when we finish the book, we will be able to find a movie to round out that lesson.

Baby Tarja is learning her ABC's and 123's via Mobigo and Youtube. She also loves to have stories read to her, and tends to get jealous when I'm reading lessons to Melody and Abbey. I taught colors and numbers to Melody and Abbey by playing UNO. Maybe it is time to break out the UNO cards for Tarja. I love our little homeschool!

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