Monday, September 5, 2011

For our next act, we have purchased a booth space in the Desert Reflections Car Show here in town for our small business pleasure. This takes place next weekend, and the girls are getting ready as I write. Actually, Princess Abbey is getting ready while Princess Melody looks up weird, foreign videos on youtube (I don't's just what she does). We're primarily going to sell temporary tattoos. Melody is also going to display her artwork. Tarja will probably be the tattoo model, since she has been known to wear 10 or 15 at the time. I hope that this gives the girls some fun business experience, especially since Melody wants to own her own business. Other than that, we have spent our Labor Day holiday doing hard time by cleaning out the garage. Every time that I thought we were done, another box came out of the woodwork, just begging to be sorted and picked through. Hopefully we never have to do that again. On the upside, this helped me to locate a lot of items that I needed for homeschooling, including items that I thought had been lost in the burglary during the time that we were moving into this house. I never could figure out what burglars would want with our lapbooking stuff, other than just to tear them up, but I am happy to have found boxes of completed work, lapbooks, and other books that I thought were trashed and gone forever. Abbey organized Tarja's little play area yesterday. There are now drawers with crayons, puzzle pieces, blocks and other little goodies that used to be just thrown altogether in baskets. She put bigger toys and dolls in plastic, lidded boxes. There are too many such boxes filled now, so Hubs is pushing for us to put all but one box away at the time, so that we can rotate boxes periodically. We'll probably start that project tomorrow. Anyway, it feels good to walk through that area without stepping over or on the toys. We still have a lot more household projects to do. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it, but I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens. Nesting can be a great incentive to declutter.

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