Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lazy Sunday

You can get an idea of the way that I think about things, and the strange order of such thoughts, by viewing the playlist on my mp3 player. It recently dawned on me that all of my songs are listed in the exact order that I downloaded them. The two older princesses think that this is quite funny, so I will share the list with you:

1. Hips Don't Lie.....Shakira
2. Long Walk Home.....Bruce Springsteen
3. Girls in their Summer Clothes....Bruce Springsteen
4. Long Walk Home....(I guess I had forgotten that I had already gotten that one about ten minutes before.)
5. Raise Your Glass....Pink
6. On the Floor....Pittbull/Jennifer Lopez (this is my ringback tone)
7. Love Will Find a Way....YES
8. Go Your Own Way....Stevie Nicks
9. The Cup of Life....Ricky Martin (used this for the twirlers in the Homecoming parade)
10. Livin' La Vida Loca...Ricky Martin
11. Maria....Ricky Martin
12. She Bangs...Ricky Martin (I was in the mood for Ricky Martin right then)
13. Corazon Espinado....Carlos Santana (I can sing every word and roll every r in this song)
14. Guajira....Carlos Santana
15. We Weren't Born to Follow....Bon Jovi (speaks to my heart)
16. Highwayman.....Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and others (my ringtone that reminds me of Mama, but I don't really know why)
17. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World....I forgot who sings this one
18. Jesus is Just Alright...Doobie Brothers (4th of July parade routine, and was my ringtone for months)
19. Awesome God....Charlie Daniels
20. Proud Mary.....Tina Turner
21. Creek Mary's Blood....Nightwish(named Tarja after the female singer in this, and I love John Two-Hawks's part)
22. Phantom of the Opera...Nightwish
23. Vacation....The GoGo's (LOL!)
24. Everybody Salsa....who knows?
25. Macarena....a bunch of old men sing this one
26. Circle in the Sand....Belinda Carlisle
27. Gold Digger....Jamie Foxx (despite the foul language, there is a lesson to be learned)
28. Tarzan Boy....Baltimora
29. Calle Ocho....Pittbull (adhd anyone?)
30. Walking in Memphis....Marc Cohn
31. The Ketchup Song....las Ketchups
32. My Place in This World
33. Riders on the Storm
34. Total Eclipse of the Heart
35. Holding Out for a Hero...Bonnie Tyler
36. Radio Nowhere...Bruce Springsteen
37. The Breakup Song....(enough of the sentimental crap)
38. Spill the Wine....WAR(my kids say the lyrics may describe my thought process)
39. The Cisco Kid...WAR
40. Low Rider...WAR (Tarja thinks it's the George Lopez song)
41. Because the Night...Cascada
42. California Dreamin'....Dj Sammy
43. Boys of Summer....DJ Sammy
44. Tonight is What it Means to be Young...Streets of Fire
45. Nowhere Fast....Streets of Fire
46. Let my Love Open the Door....(mad cause this one was just part of a song, and right when you start dancing, it quits.)
47. I'm No Angel.....(this is Hub's ringtone, and always makes the Three Princesses laugh when he calls.) you know.

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