Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The only aspect of the Charlotte Mason method that we have struggled with as a family is the need to spend more time outdoors. This has been a real challenge for us, because we ended one of the coldest winters that we have been exposed to, and began an equally hot summer.

This is Tarja's first year to actually have "school", so we had to make a change in this area. I started designating some time between breakfast and lunch to go out into our own yard, and then we go to one of our local parks after supper, and stay until it begins to get too dark to play.

Another aspect that is really at work in our house is the living books method. Obviously, this method works well for my older children, but will it work for wormy, squirmy Tarja? We read to Tarja all the time, and it seems like she doesn't listen or understand. However, she has surprised me by retelling the stories to me, without my even asking for a narration. After all, one would not expect a toddler to be able to narrate. Indeed, she can give a play by play account of most of the stories read to her, even after the first reading. The most fun that we had listening to her retelling, was of Sleeping Beauty. She added her own perspective to the story by saying the Jesus helped Sleeping Beauty after she pricked her finger, and that while she was asleep, the King came up the stairs to see her and prayed. Wow! What a lovely addition. Maybe someday, she will write her own brand of fairy tales.


  1. Sounds like she really is listening! We also struggle with spending more time outside. Today we went outside and just sat on the front stoop for 20 minutes. We quite enjoyed watching a bird!

  2. You sure do have some sweethearts! Kudos to you for being such a wonderful mom :)