Monday, September 26, 2011

Worldwide Day of Play

The Worldwide Day of Play is a pretty good idea.....maybe. I admire Mrs. Obama for her efforts in trying to conquer childhood obesity, but I have a little wish list of things that I hope will someday be conquered.

There are too many things going into the foods that we buy, that should not be. For instance, why does mayonnaise, of all things, have corn syrup in it? Other ingredients are added to give it the tangy taste, so why did they have to sweeten it in the first place? I have to ask the same about some meats, cheeses, plain yogurt, and a whole host of other foods that aren't meant to be sweet, so why the corn syrup or sugar?

Since childhood obesity is a big issue, why are fruit juices made with anything less than 100% juice? Why, then, is it called "juice" if it's not really juice?

"No sugar added" products often contain many grams of sugar. If there was no sugar added to the product, then how did it get there?

Why do granola, cereal bars, and other bar type snacks that are marketed as "healthy" have as much, if not more sugar and calories than a candy bar?  Seriously, there are times that I have wondered if we would do better with a chocolate bar or bag of potato chips. 

As for fast food restaurants that are marketing healthier options for kids, why are apples dipped in caramel healthy?  I see that option all over the place.  I'm sure that they do have less fat in them than French fries, but why are we replacing a side dish with a dessert? 

There is a lot more to conquering obesity than a worldwide day of play.  

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