Friday, July 6, 2012

Another One of my Homeschooling Mama Lists

I've had a wonderful, but tiring day, so instead of a story about what we've done, I'm just going to give you another one of my rambling lists.

1.  The fastest way to clean a room, any room, is to fill a laundry basket with everything that is out of place.  Carry the basket around with you from room to room, putting its contents away.  Of course, if someone comes by unannounced, you can just stash the basket out of sight until you have time to put things away again.

2.  Anything that is worth doing is hard.  I tell this to the Four Princesses all the time.  Raising Four Princesses is hard, but definitely worth doing.  

3.  I thought I could be, but now I've come to realize that I can't be a "crunchy mama".  Nope.  Except, of course, when I get too much hairspray in my hair.  Then, I might be a little crunchy. 

4.  I am a short, chunky mama.  A man squeezed my arm one time and said, "My, your arms are big!  Do you lift weights?"  I said, "No.  I lift babies."  I could probably still throw Princess Melody over my shoulder, but she's taller than me, so it would be a little awkward. 

5.  I used to bake every single day.  I made home made breads, biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes, etc.  When I found out that I was diabetic, I quit baking cold turkey.  Now, I crochet up a storm.

6.  Those annoying telemarketers that call to interrupt your dinner about a special offer that you must take advantage of RIGHT NOW????  I used to be one, and I was really GOOD at it.

7. I'm currently reading a set of three books by Beverly Lewis that Princess Melody gave me for Mother's Day.

8. I believe that, for the most part, I can make time to do everything that I really want to do.

9. Colloidal silver is my new favorite healthy good thing that I keep around the house.

10. The Roku is the best thing that has happened to our TV viewing.

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