Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home At Last

Ivana and Tarja are both doing much better.  The infections that courses through their little bodies have been brought to a halt, and they act like they feel great. We made it home late yesterday afternoon.  Both are on antibiotics for the next 10 days.  These antibiotics taste and smell horrible.  Even the pharmacist compared the taste to rotten eggs.  I discovered that the baby will take hers hidden in her baby formula.  I tried ovaltine for Tarja.   One dose worked that way, but when I gave her the next glass of miracle milk, she started saying that it tasted funny, and would not drink it.  I went to a nearby convenience store, bought her one of her favorite little drinks that comes in a sport bottle, and doctored it up.  So far, she has finished most of that drink.  I don't know how we're going to get through 8 more days of this.  Both girls also have antibiotic skin cream for their wounds, and Ivana has eye drops. 

 I have some things to look forward to as the girls continue to heal.  Remember that amazing job that I applied for a few posts back?  While we were waiting for the ambulance the other day, they were calling me to go sign my hiring papers.  Other people were leaving messages on my voice mail and email about wanting twirling lessons for their little girls.  In addition to those good things, a fellow homeschooler has started a full fledged support group here, AND my paperwork is all set to begin our homeschool Girl Scout troop.  To say that I am excited about some things would be a huge understatement. 


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  1. Such good news all around in this post! So happy the girls are getting better and that you got the job! You, of course, are going to do an AMAZING job!