Monday, July 30, 2012

CPS and Blogging

Did you know that blog readers can turn bloggers in to Child Protective Services based upon what they read?  I looked into this after a friend mentioned that this happened to her.  In my search, I found THIS ARTICLE.  I have nothing nice to say about this.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Princess Abbey's 13th birthday with cupcakes and ice cream following twirling practice.  My second baby will be an official teenager, and this also marks the start of the path of high school.  Yes, it's early for high school, but I want all of the Princesses to graduate high school and get some college under their belts before life starts to happen.  We have one graduate and three more to go.

 My baton twirling company is having a ribbon cutting ceremony in two weeks.  I am so excited!!!!   I don't know why I had not thought to turn my love of twirling into a full fledged business, but I'm glad that I jumped in with both feet.  Great things are happening!

We now have a homeschool Girl Scout troop.  We even have my old troop number.  This means that  we will get to have our meetings and outings even when school is in session.  Love it!

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